I bead so I don’t kill time

For me, beading is balance in my life. I’m a bit of a couch potato, so I need to do something with my hands to justify being a lazy bum. My perfect evening at home involves a good movie and some shiny beads in my lap and a furry tail next to me.


I love watching TV. And I’ve watched a loooot of it in my life. So much so that I recently discovered that I ROCK at movie sharades games. You know, the type where you have to mime the name of a movie. Let me put it this way: I’m seriously annoying at those, because I usually play for both teams and I’m pretty much the first one to get it, even if it’s those really boring, don’t-get-why-anyone-would-make-a-movie-out-of-this movie type, like Death in Venice or Something Borrowed. Talk about a party trick prepared well in advance….

I think I have literally spent years of my life just watching movies, especially since I started university some (hmm hmm ^*^) years ago. Back then the peer sharing servers were the cornucopia of everything from recent block-busters to cult movies ( yeah, that’s how I got to Death in Venice). In the two months preceding the exam sessions, my daily schedule would be to check out what movies had downloaded during the night, file, organize and burn them on CD and then finally actually see some of them. And maybe have some food in between.

collage 1But I was raised in a culture that tells you that you’re really really bad if you’re lazy and everyone will laugh at you for it and you will end up in hell and everyone in hell will laugh at you … Well, you get the picture. But being the smart girl that I am, I actually found a loophole quite early in life. Back in the eight grade, when I was supposed to be learning 24-7 to get into a good highschool, I managed to cheat the system ( and by system I mean my mum). We had gotten an assignment for school to do a bit of embroideryon a piece of textile that we could then call a table spread and get a passable grade on. Now, I could have done just that and be done with it in maybe 2 days, but I had one episode of Hercules and one episode of Xena to watch every afternoon. Fortunately my mum let me watch TV while working on that spread, since it didn’ t require so much attention. ( yes, I am a little Napoleon and I can successfully mutitask, at least when it comes to a needle). Let me tell you, that spread turned out to be a 60cm by 60cm piece of cloth filled from corner to corner with cross stitches. I think they even put it up for viewing at my old school or something, cause I definitely don’t have it anymore.

So yeah, getting back to my university years, my mum may not have been there watching over my shoulder, but the guilt of killing time was definitely still there. So I squashed it with a ton of wool scarfs *muhahahaha

And then I moved to Sweden and to petit point tapestries, cause wool just didn’t cut it for me anymore, I needed a challenge. Go to this Etsy link to see what I’m talking about. But then something big happened and I had to let the needle rest for a while… I discovered Asian movies via Japanese animes and that seriously changedmy life forever!!! ( uhm, I’m still watching movies and working with my hands, so maybe not that much).collage 2

The problem with Asian movies was that I couldn’t understand what they were saying and therefore I actually had to make an effort and read the subtitles. Well, at least it was for a while, until I started to pick up some words here and there. That was about 4 years ago and I believe I’ve seen just about everything of importance in Japanese and Korean cinematography since then. If you don’t believe me check out my Pinterest boards with Pretty Asian Movies and Manga and Anime. Hey, let me know if you think I missed anything of importance… cause I have another board with Movies to watch sometime that I can pin that to :p

collage 3
Ok, so what does all this mumbo jumbo have to do with DereDere? Well, DereDere is my happily ever after ending and beyond. I switched from wool scarves to jewellery making for close to a year now, to go with my movie regimen. I can say that I found my something (not someone, because I’m a modern girl) to spend the rest of my life on.

And the silver lining is that I learned that I truly am a truly lazy person… And that’s perfectly OK.

How you ask? Well kids, that’s a story for another time maybe, if you’re nice :p

Until next, hugs and kisses!

Movie Collage 1: Gone with the WindTrainspotting, Irreversible, Conan the Barbarian, Dracula, The Lover.
Movie Collage 2: Hana Kimi (Hanazakari no Kimitachi e), Rurouni Kenshin, Nodame Cantabile, Norwegian Wood, Rashomon.
Movie Collage 3: Flower Boy Next Door, Frozen Flower, Boys before Flowers, Come Rain Come Shine, Oldboy.