Making and un-making

Quality takes time and effort. When you’re working on a new design, you don’t always get it right on the first go. Sometimes the weight of the beads doesn’t fit with the technique and then the jewellery hangs sloppily or twists and turns where it shouldn’t. Sometimes when you’re trying to come up with a new pattern, the beads don’t fit properly. There’s all sort of things that can go wrong. Oh, but how I love that moment when I figure out what it was missing and everything just falls into place naturally!!IMG_4424 blog

But, to be able to improve on something, you have to let go of faulty attempts. The problem comes when you’ve invested several hours/days working on a certain piece. Isn’t it peculiar the way we get attached to things we create?

They say the greatest proof of being a professional beader is when you can un-do, destroy, dismantle, clip and cut your creations. I personally don’t think I’m there yet. I can do it while I’m working on something, but not once I finished a piece. I need to leave those doomed items on the side for a few days or even a month or so. If I don’t see them, don’t touch them, I can grow a bit apart with them while I consider how to change them. And I can make it all over again.

2014-09-24 222014-09-24 212014-09-24 202014-09-24 20 2The first version of this pink necklace was not even on the inside edge. The 6mm Swarovski beads on the outer edge create a natural bend to the necklace, but that bend needs to be matched with the smaller 2.7mm beads on the inside edge. However, once I finished it, it was quite apparent that the small beads were simply either too small or not enough of them. So I replaced them with slightly bigger 3mm cubes on the 2nd version and those fit perfectly to the bend from the Swarovski edge. I also changed the lock on it because the old one made the necklace roll around itself. Now with a tube lock it lies so nicely on the skin, you can forget it’s there.

What you see in the pictures is not the sequence of making the necklace, but actually the part where I ripped the old version apart. Scroll back up to see it in chronological order.

Sometimes there will be victims. What matters though is the final result.

What do you think? Isn’t it pretty?

Till next time!