DereDere goes to Miyabi Japan Story 2014

New day, new things to do, new places to visit and all the more wonderful if they’re in any way related to Japan. This time I attended the Miyabi Japan Story festival in Stockholm on behalf of DereDere, because we like all things Japanese, especially those little Miyuki glass beads we most often use in our jewellery.

On my way there I ran into two Lolita girls and I just figured that if I followed them I would pretty soon find the place where the event was held. And they did not disappoint me. Actually, once there, I noticed that they had a whole Lolita reunion going on in one of the rooms, except they called it a Lolita tea party. They were all as cute as a bun.

In true Japanese style, where all contrasts in the world meet and greet and mind their own business, on the other side of the building there was, of course, a ninja workshop going on, Naruto style.

contrasting japan

Somewhere in the middle I found this very friendly man, Kazuki Yamamoto, working his 3D latte magic. He added the cutest little Totoro to my coffee and gave me the greatest existential conundrum: to drink the Totoro while he was still fresh and scolding hot, therefore warming my belly just like the real Totoro, or to wait until the foam had disintegrated and there was no more Totoro. To drink or not to drink, that is the question.

3D coffee

Some time later (while enjoying my latte), the kimono show began. There were kimonos from different stages in life, like wedding kimonos, teenager kimonos, married wife kimonos, a.s.o. but the cutest one of all I thought was this one, the shichi-go-san kimono (in Japan they dress up babies of 3, 5 and 7 years in these kind of kimonos and take them to shrines to celebrate them having come thus far in life). That red fluffy bow on the obi is to die for!!

kimono girl

The highlight of the day for me was the Q&A session with manga artist Yamane Ayano. She’s my all time favorite manga artist. I simply love the way she draws her characters, with long limbs and sometimes long lively hair, very much like the Mucha drawings. She made an impression on me as being just as suave and sexy as her drawings are.


Here’s a little sample of her works (taken from Finder series and Crimson Spell series). Note that they might contain some content that some readers might find offensive, so read at your own peril.

Ayano Yamane finder crimson spell

I couldn’t help myself and I gave her a present from Deredere, the Aka-chan bracelet. It was a bit of an impulsive fan-girly act, but I really hope she liked it, because this bracelet and those red sexy-Dorothy-in-the-country-of-Oz shoes of hers are simply a match made in heaven.


Oh, yes, and my Sushi t-shirt was a great hit as almost all Japanese people in the building asked me why it says “sushi” on me and where did I get it from. For the record, it’s from an anime called BloodLad, where the main character is an otaku vampire that is just as crazy about Japan as I am. You can customize it to your taste and order it online on Redbubble.