Christmas shopping in Stockholm

Santa is about to visit everyone, but are you done with giving him a helping hand? All presents all packed and ready to put under the Christmas tree, or are you still wondering which type of reindeer sweater to buy for your dad?

For us, it has been an exciting time of the year, this Christmas shopping spree, being on the other side of the counter. We were invited to show off DereDere Jewellery at two office Christmas markets, both of them organized mostly for charity reasons. So we kept enough to cover for materials on what we sold and we gave away the rest. Part of it went to, a Swedish NGO fighting for children’s rights, and another part to an orphanage house in Romania.

If you would like to help them out too, here’s where you can make donations:

House of Hope


DSC00492 2 It seems that having charity Christmas markets is quite popular in companies in Sweden. It’s the perfect reason to have a nice get-together, with good food and good mood. DSC00513 2DSC00497 2

DSC00508 2

If you happen to be in Stockholm this year and you still need some help with your last minute shopping, there’s all sorts of Christmas markets in the city, with a huge variety of gift ideas. I’m not going to list all of them, but you can find such a list on Robbans Bästa‘s blog. Some of them are still open even this week.

DSC00522 2 DSC00519 2

But remember that Christmas spirit is not all about the gifts, so gift responsibly everyone!

Ho, ho, ho!

DSC00523 2でれでれ DereDere Jewellery wishes all of you a Merry Merry Christmas!