Christmas story or how I learned to love the beads

For me, Christmas time is the beginning of DereDere. Last year around the same time, our lovely Karigami took me to one of the local Panduro Hobby shops, let me dip my hands in beads, threw in a few extra tools in my basket and sent me on my way home to see what I can make of all that.
Well, what came out of that time is this little bracelet (this is precious memorabilia and not for sale :p)


Isn’t it cute for Christmas?

It’s a bit botched around the sides here and there, and it took me a while before I figured out how much pressure to put in the work. But what I liked most about this ladder stitch was the feel of it at the end. It reminds me of velvet fabric when I touch it.
This similarity to precious material and the puzzle-like joy of laying out beads in a clear cut pattern are what made me instantly click with beading.
There’s a huge amount of information about beading out there. I like looking at this bracelet now and again, patting myself on the back for how far I’ve come in one year and contemplating how much more there is to know and learn. And then I start purring inside my head because life can’t get any better than this as far as I’m concerned ^:^

And let’s not forget how fulfilling it is to have mastered a technique well enough so that I can start playing around with it.

For example, the Blush Garland set that I made earlier this year (you can find it on our shop here). It is a combination of two techniques. It’s such a flexible and soft beaded spiral, it reminds me of those silver or golden garlands you hang in a Christmas tree when I touch it.

IMG_4796 fixed


And of course, I couldn’t have done it without adding a few Swarovski crystals in there. They sparkle just like little candles in the Christmas tree.

May your holidays be bright and sparkly (of the beaded variety or otherwise) !

Happy Christmas!