A very social hobby

Some people that have seen Karigami and I beading have declared us to be totally insane people for wanting to spend time playing around with beads as small as 2mm. Well, maybe we are, or maybe we’re just very postmodern. What is very clear is that beading is highly therapeutic for both of us. We seldom meet for little beading play dates, combined with nice dinners. For us it’s a social endeavour as we sit and discuss how to tweak a bracelet here, how to add or subtract some bling from a necklace there. I personally always have to remember not to include all my stash of Swarovski crystals in one piece only (and what a pity that is).

So it’s either the beading or the wine that brings us together, not sure which one came first, but I guess this is more of a chicken and egg question anyway. And it’s this magic that we want to share with you too!