Etsy Thursdays featuring I Am A Bracelet Girl

Today we’re starting a series of posts, a collection of beaded jewelry, as seen on Etsy. While learning to make our own jewelry, we’ve amassed a large base of information about the beading world that we would like to share with you. Major designer houses frown on beading because it is extremely time consuming and difficult to mass produce. It’s simply not profitable for them in most cases. After all, it involves a lot of stitching (using needle and thread), one bead at a time, no glue involved. On the other hand, it’s a great creative outlet for local handcrafters, that most often will only create one of a kind pieces, albeit at a price to match the time invested. That is, if they decide to sell actual jewelry, since it’s more profitable for a designer to sell the pattern or tutorial, instead.


Balmain Fall-Winter 2012

But in this age where everybody is selling something, how can you tell what is quality and what’s not? Well, we shall attempt to give you a little “backstage” insight into the beading world.

Etsy is an amazing space to find jewelry designers, but it may seem a little daunting at first, when a simple search gives you thousands of results. So we’ve been digging through all of that and found a couple of shops that are specialized in beadwork.

And our first pick this week is…I Am A Bracelet Girl shop that you can find here.

Sandi Merkison, the shop owner, seems to have a passion for a type of bracelet called “Hugs and Kisses”, based on a versatile stitch called right angle weave. Here’s what a basic right angle weave looks like. This stitch is Cinderella and the Transformers all mixed up together. It’s a plain stitch, but when embellished, it becomes royalty.  It also upgrades from 2D to 3D to create unique designs.

What we like about this shop are the color choices. Plus that Sandi has a tone of color variations for all tastes.  Usually it is expensive to keep  bead stocks (due to cash flow, storage costs and such). Still, these prices are reasonable. We like this Denim Darling Bracelet, for example, with semiprecious sodalite beads.


Given the  above, we can overlook the  fact that, with a few exceptions, I Am A Bracelet Girl only offers this type of bracelet; it  probably helped her bring down the price. As far as we can tell, at the moment at least, you can’t really find any cheaper bracelets of this type and quality. They can however vary upwards both in bead quality (if you add a little Swarovski crystals or pearls instead of the Czech glass pearls or semi precious beads) and price.

Just to give you a point of comparison, we also have one variation of this bracelet on our shop.


Blue Skies Bracelet by DereDere Jewellery

Also, we’ve found some more examples of this bracelet in other shops too, such as Buddy, Buster & Bug Handcrafted Items , Moonsea CreationsKKbraceletsandmorejojosbeads and PixieDustFineries, to name but a few of them.

Tell us what you think, which one caught your eye?

Dandereneko and Karigami