Cherry blossoms are coming!

It’s such a lovely time of the year when I’m starting to see pictures with cherry blossoms in my news feeds. It’s still early for them right now and even if the weather in my part of the world is still a little bit hung up on winter, at least there is hope in the world for the spring to come.


I am absolutely in love with the cherry blossom season. It  started as part of my interest in Japan; I mean it’s the most common stereotype for Japan after all. But although the flowers are extremely pretty, it’s the whole tradition around this time of year that fascinates me. Going out with friends, with a picnic basket in a park to just hang around and look at the cherry blossoms is such a common practice that it even has a special name : hanami 花見 (literally: flower viewing).

While admiring the beauty of the season (in the true Japanese style that no one can understand except for them, or so they say), sometime around the 10th century, they also developed a whole system of court fashion inspired by the colors of nature. It was made up of layers upon layers of kimonos of various colors.  They call this the Kasane no Irome 襲の色目 (literally: layers of color). You can read more about it on The Immortal Geisha site, and there’s even a list of such possible color combinations here.

One of these combinations caught my eye while reading about this enchanting bit of fashion history. It was one of the plum layers in the list: a dark violet, a deep maroon, some scarlet pink and 3 more shades of plum pink. So I made this Young Cherry Blossoms necklace with my mind on this color combination. You can find the final result on the DereDere Jewellery shop. I tried to make it a very fine and supple necklace, similar to the fresh cherry blossom branches. Although it is a thin necklace, the red glass and the Swarovski crystals catch the light and the eye quite effectively.

young cherry blossoms

Do you have any cherry trees around you place? Will you go admire them when they’re in full bloom this year? Who will you go with?

Asking this kind of exciting questions is another sign that spring is nearly here to me.