Etsy Thursdays featuring MorescoDesigns

Today we’re talking again about a shop that has only one type of bracelet technique. But the genius with this shop is that no bracelet is quite like the others out of the 100 or so pieces available.

Moresco Designs (link here) owned by Etsy user PMoresco, has a wide variety of embellished ladder/loom beaded cuffs. You can read her story in the About section.


In terms of technique, we can’t really decide from her pictures if she’s using a ladder stitch or a loom to create the base layer. The end result for both is about the same, except doing it on a loom is way faster than stitching bead by bead in a ladder stitch, and more uniform. On top of this base layer she’s added embellishments the type that you would normally see on an embellished net (also called Capricho bracelet, after the Italian that invented it). So it’s an interesting combination of techniques that you don’t normally see. Our search on Etsy did not turn up any results with this exact same technique.

il_fullxfull 3

Bracelet by Moresco Designs

On one hand, bracelets made on a loom are normally not covered up with embellishments, but rather they are made to show particular patterns, usually of American-Indian inspiration, geometric designs like the one below from Anabel27shop, or even a picture of a little Santa Claus and his reindeer on some of the more ambitious.


Bracelet from Anabel27shop on Etsy

On the other hand, Capricho bracelets are embellished with Swarovski crystals or other beads in a regular pattern, following the net openings in the base layer. Such as our own Snow White bracelet, a classic Capricho with clear crystals.


Snow White bracelet by DereDere Jewellery

So you can see now how these Moresco designs hybrid bracelets caught our attention. The loom base allows her to play around with the embellishment layer, more than it would be possible on a Capricho. And PMoresco does so quite wonderfully. You can tell that each piece has been carefully thought out in terms of color combinations, bead shapes and general impression.

Not only that, but PMoresco has a very good understanding of how the light travels through the beads she uses. Which such a bracelet it is very easy to just cover the bottom layer with all sorts of beads so that you can’t see it at all anymore. But PMoresco actually uses the bottom layer as a sort of background for the top, which eventually enhances the colors in the embellishment. Let’s take for an example this bracelet embellished with black daggers, green, orange and clear chips and some emerald Swarovski crystals strewn here and there.

collage moresco

Bracelet in the For Fun and Frolic Collection by Moresco Designs

You can barely see it on the wrist, but the base layer is actually a bright in-your-face yellow. But the fact that you can only see that yellow through the transparent beads on top gives the bracelet a general sense of warmth and comfort. Now that’s what I call good color combination skills in a beader.

Price wise it’s a bit on the high end for us, but not extremely so, and especially not if you consider that each piece is a one of kind, designer jewelry. It really all depends on the level of detail on the embellishments, the quality of the materials and so on, so zoom in on the pictures and look at the details before you make a decision.

Let us know what you think about this shop?  Which one is your favorite? Comment and share, spread the love ^-^