Etsy Thursdays with Capricho bracelets

In our last Etsy Thursdays we talked about a variation on the Capricho bracelet, so now we thought we should go more in-depth on what the classic version looks like. The Capricho bracelet is a statement beadwork. If you find one with the right amount of bling on it, you can use it while giving a presentation and you’ll be sure to keep everyone’s eyes focused on you.

collage capricho 2

Capricho stitch by DereDere Jewellery Top Left: partial Capricho Spider Web Bracelet Bottom Left: 2 row Zig-Zag Capricho Pebbled River Bracelet Top Middle: Mermaid Tales Bracelet Bottom Middle: Little Red Rising Hood Twin Bracelets Top Right: Snow White Bracelet Bottom Right: Starry Night Necklace

Normally there would be at least 300 or so results if you search for Capricho on Etsy. This week we only got about 50 of them. Which is a shame since the color options are then more limited. There are probably a little more; you can also look for embellished net bracelet or simply beaded bangle and you might get more results. But not to worry, the Etsy shops that we found also accept custom-made orders.

We also did not find any shop specialized in only this type of bracelet. Mostly, beader shops have 1-5 examples of it, usually made to order, not in stock. We suspect it’s because every beader at some point, most likely early on in their career, will learn how to do this stitch. It’s a combination of two basic stitches, the net for the bottom layer and the embellishing on the top. Because it has 2 layers, it is also time-consuming to make, and that would explain the high prices on some of them. If you’re interested in a tutorial, Beading4Perfectioninsts has a very good one on Youtube:

From a beader’s perspective, this technique is very good to induce an almost meditative state: not too boring, not too complex.


Capricho Bracelet by USASwarovskiBeauty on Etsy

Depending on how many rows it has, it can get pretty chunky, so it’s more suitable to a large-sized wrist.

Speaking of sizes, the Capricho comes in two variants, bangle and with clasp. If you’re going for the bangle version, make sure you get the size right when you buy one. Measure your hand where it is at its thickest to get the right size. Any size bigger, the bangle will fall off your wrist, any size smaller, you might not be able to put it on. The clasp version has a small error margin to work with on this subject. Here’s a good bracelet size chart from SwedArt you can refer to.

Price-wise, we found quite a wide range, but it all depends on the quality of the materials. For example, this one from Wrapped to Perfection is a bit pricier, but they’re working with genuine Swarovski elements and they also added a very nice clasp to it.


Capricho Bracelet by WrappedToPerfection on Etsy

For the budget version, you can go for this pearly look with glass pearls from NalanCavdar’s shop.


Capricho Bracelet by nalancavdar on Etsy

It’s not very easy to get creative with the embellishments as the structure of the net only allows for the one type of embellishment. But we did manage to find at least 2 bracelets that took some liberties there: this Chocolate furry bracelet from AnotherCountry and this one with Turqoise Tila beads on the side from LioraJewelry. Do check out the rest of AnotherCountry shop, they have many interest items.


Capricho bracelet from AnotherCountry on Etsy


Capricho bracelet from liorajewelry on Etsy

Other alternatives you can find in the following Etsy shops:  Davianna (she’s based in Czech republic so she has access to Czech beads closer to the source), BuyCreationsbyAriannaAllynmllebisbilleRavensKeepStudios14StudioAtPennyLaneArtlando or Emiliastankova.

You can find our Embellished net bracelet on our store:

Mermaid Tales

Snow White

Pebbled River

So, lots of similar bracelets in different colors. Which one did you like best? Let us know in the comments section.

Dandereneko and Karigami



When you read this series of posts, some of the links may take you to already sold out items on Etsy. We only mean to give insight into the beading world on Etsy to our readers and a choice of items as of the time the post is published.