Etsy Thursdays with Tubular Net

Following the series of embellished flat bracelets, we move on to the close cousin of the Capricho bracelet, the tubular net.

Karigami: I have a personal connection to this stitch, as it was my very first of the tubular sort. I learned this one with Swarovski bicones, and it was a gift for Dandereneko’s birthday. It’s a rewarding stitch, it goes faster than the other ropes and at the end you get a really nice and neat piece of jewellery. It’s highly versatile, depending on what kind of beads you use (as long as they are even and have a roundish form). You just need to adjust the numbers of seed beads in the net to match the main beads.   

This stitch turns out some pretty chunky blingy ropes with the right materials, such as some Swarovski crystals for instance, so it’s perfect for bangle bracelets. Depending on the size of the beads, it can also turn out more or less flexible. With bigger seed beads, it might sit almost perfectly stiff.

Here’s a tutorial from Beading4perfectionists if you want to see how it’s made or learn to do it yourself:

Our search on Etsy this week was very peculiar. We found only one seller, Fusion Frenzy , that has an entire collection of bracelets with this stitch in different colors, very reasonably priced. The rest of the tubular nets we found were spread out around Etsy, with one or two examples of it in certain shops (EyeCandybyJBWeb, crystalglowdesign, AutumnStormBeadwork, Cabinfeverclay, ESSFashions etc.). The peculiarity was that when we checked out the other items that some of those shops were carrying, there were huge differences in style, with this tubular net as the only common element. And that’s one of the reasons why we like this stitch, it is impressively versatile.

So this week we’re looking at 3 very stylish ladies selling some version of the tubular net, each with her own individual style.

MadeByKatarina has 2 tubular net necklaces on her shop right now.

made by Katarina

Neck Scar Cover Necklace from MadeByKatarina on Etsy

Check out the description for this Neck Scar Cover Necklace to see why it’s called this way. We thought that was a very interesting and touching detail.

Katarina seems to have a sweet spot for peyote stitch and the geometric shapes that it can lead to. Her technique is very neat, patterned, lined up; there is a propensity for control and structure in her work. We get the feeling that everything should be aligned, measured, symmetrical with her beading. You can only get that result with a lot of experience, experimenting and a bit of math, but once you get the hang of it, you get some very pretty shapes. So we’re giving her our thumbs up on the science behind her technique.

At the very opposite of the spectrum, we have DevineDeViantParcels and her creative freestyle. She pimped up the tubular net with a pendant that is quite challenging to make, for example, or a rare handcarved focal bead.

labradorite pendant

Labradorite Pendant and Labradorite Tubular Netting by DevineDeViantParcels on Etsy

red handcarved bead

Mermaid Tubular Netting Necklace by DevineDeViantParcels on Etsy

What caught our eye on her shop, among other things of course, was this green ivy look-a-like necklace called Green Woman. The handcraft in this is simply magnificent, it’s not something you can create from a kit or pattern. To get a couple of beads to line up such that they resemble an actual object in nature is really not a simple task, you have to know your stuff.  Our kudos here go to creativity.

Our third runner up, in no particular order, is BoutiquedAdele. She uses mostly Swarovski crystals in her tubular net and we like her color choices.

boutiqued adele

Black and Silver Statement Necklace by BoutiquedAdele on Etsy

Her shop gave us the impression of good quality for the money. She uses many semi-precious beads and crystals in her jewelry. Although the technique is not exactly advanced beading, her style is clean cut, not too chunky, all the better to make you focus on the quality. May we call it French chic, since she’s from France? ^-^

The tubular net is quite an established stitch. We didn’t find any variations to the technique this week, but we know they exist. Not to worry though, we have one example on our DereDere shop, just to give you an idea on how the stitch can be altered. The Blush Garland set is made using the tubular net technique, but the rows of Swarovski crystals are alternated with rows of SuperDuo beads. The SuperDuos have 2 holes instead of one, which stretches the stitch in length and makes is more airy and flexible.


Blush Garland Set by DereDere Jewellery

Some other tubular nets on our shop are the Netted Flowers Necklace and the Emerald Rubiconde Bracelet.

So, many choices again this week, right? Which one did you like, which one would you wear? Write in the comments and let us know.

Dandereneko and Karigami