A tale of two sisters

I’m always happy when I get compliments on my work. I’m positively ecstatic if they buy some of it and wear it regularly. But there is no comparing how I feel when someone deems it good enough to give away to a loved one.

One of our dearly cherished and faithful customers did just that and bought a twin bracelet for her sister’s birthday. She had bought some time ago a pink casual bracelet from us and she’s wearing it almost everytime I see her.

Some time ago she asked me to make the same one but in pastel lilla. It took a while to dig through all supplier sites for the perfect color, but I found it and the result was just so pretty I could die for ^:^

DSC03311 sister

I am told the sister liked the result too. As it so happens both of them are Japanese, so apparently the sister found it very funny to receive a present from a jewellery store based in Sweden, run by Romanians and named in Japanese. Plus, our DereDere name always makes Japanese people giggle when they hear it.

Now my next project will be to chose one of my designs and make a sister bracelet for my own big sis.

How about you? What are you buying for your siblings on their next birthday?