Black, White and Red Necktie for the Etsy Beadweavers September Challenge

We proudly announce our first entry into a Beadweavers Team challenge: number 7, the beaded necktie below. Vote for us or any other entry that you fancy on the Beadweavers Team blog. If you’re on mobile, request the desktop version and wait for the poll to load on the right side of the page.


Etsy teams are a sort of professional guilds, associations of sellers on Etsy that were created as a means to sort of authenticate that what you’re buying from the team members was actually produced by them and not mass produced somewhere in a sweatshop. As you may have noticed in our Etsy Thrusdays post series, there are plenty of creative people selling beaded jewellery on Etsy. Some of them are part of this Etsy Beadweavers team, but it’s not to be confused with the Bead Embroidery Guild, for instance, which is more about embroidery than weaving. Yes, there is a difference and we’re very proud of that!

There’s a lot of talented beaders in the Beadweavers team. A simple search for EBW on Etsy will give you everything that the team members currently have listed for sale. Some of the jewellery are simply works of art. I myself can spend days browsing through all this, being amazed again and again and challenged to try out some of the more complex techniques. It’s both inspiring and a source of learning as most of these sellers also have their patterns up for sale as well.

So it was with a little nervousness that I decided to enter our beaded necktie in this challenge as I knew that it would face a tough competition. Looking at the entries, it feels I was right.

This particular challenge was to bring a pop of color (just one!) to a black and white design. To me, the first choice in this case will always be red!


Beaded Necktie by DereDere Jewellery


I wore this necktie a couple of times to test it out, see how it feels. Although it almost reaches my belly, it’s light enough to forget it’s there. That’s quite a feat to do with more than 1000 beads manually sewn one after another. This is glass after all, so I was a bit concerned about that while I was making it. But no, it pleasantly surprised me when I put it on. But my favorite part was playing with it. You know how your hands tend to reach towards long necklaces in idle times? Well, this necktie is pretty fun for this. It’s very smooth and velvety to the touch, the beads roll around the thread round and round as many times as your compulsive personality needs and while people are not watching you, roll the whole thing upwards and back (^v^).

The voting is open until September 15th only, so hurry and make your choice!