Meet us at Luoyang Market: Asian Market Festival

This Saturday, 12th September, you’ll find us in the market in front of Östasiatiska Bergrummet, celebrating the opening of the exhibition about Luoyang, the city by the Silk Road.

There’s going to be many things to entertain you and so many delicious things that I think I will barely be able to sleep tonight just thinking about them! Check out the Facebook event for more details and make sure you don’t miss it!

We’ve been hard at work for the last month preparing for this event, with some new jewellery inspired from  our own research about Luoyang and the Tang Dynasty. So we have a couple of DereDere goodies designed just for this occasion that we hope you will like. Check out our shop to see all the new products we’ve added there.


Ocean Foam Necklace by DereDere Jewellery

Such as this delicate necklace we called Ocean Foam. It took Karigami several days to make and many attempts and changes in the design until she was finally satisfied with how it looked and how it felt. As all of our jewellery, everything is made by hand, with a needle and thread and lots of patience, out of the best quality materials, just like it used to be made for hundreds of years ago.

The Ocean foam necklace for example has freshwater cultured yellow dyed pearls from Ting Kai, glass beads from the Japanese bead maker Miyuki, glass flowers from Czech glass and Swarovski crystals to catch the light. Karigami got inspired for this necklace from the book of patterns by the fabulous Japanese artist beader Sonoko Nozue. We’re both of us quite big fans of hers.



For my part, after reading that tiger eyes were quite popular in the Chinese court of the Tang Dynasty, together with pearls and the ever present jade, I decided to play around with them for a bit and what came out of that was the Empress of the East Necklace.

I must admit working with tiger eye beads was a little challenging to me. I kept pairing them up with different shades of green beads and somehow it all turned out the most boring combination ever. And then I tried using blue and gold instead and it all fit together like a puzzle. But it did take several days to complete this necklace nonetheless, since I had to try out different bead sizes so that the necklace would get the round shape necessary. In the end, the Empress of the East is made out of tiger eye beads, faceted glass beads, Miyuki gold colored glass cubes and Czech glass beads that are transparent blue on the outside and golden on the inside and that gives them some amazing effects in the light.


Empress of the East Necklace by DereDere Jewellery

We both aimed for opulence with these two designs, because that’s what the Silk Road inspires to us. A time of great wealth when silk and jade and pearls and gold came in abundance. A time when great quality took long time to make, a time when craftsmen were greatly appreciated. A time when everything you bought was handmade and unique.

These are just a couple of examples of what we have on offer tomorrow at the market. For us it has been a pleasure preparing for it and I hope you will be able to feel it when you see us in the market!

collage deredere

See you soon!




Luoyang Market

12 September 2015    11.00-17.00

Östasiatiska Bergrummet

Svensksundsvägen 5, 111 49 Stockholm, Sweden