In which Dandereneko tries her hand at silverclay jewellery

It’s been a long time now since I’ve been curious about working with silver. But since I was never really good at working with my whole body, banging on metals and that kind of heavy duty activities, I chose to try out the little cousin of silversmithing, the silver clay jewellery.

Just as I expected, I thoroughly enjoyed it. In the same way that I enjoy fishing as long as someone is there so hook the bait for me. Becuse there’s a little very important step that has to do with fire in working with silver clay that I fortunately did not have to go through today.
As the nane implies, working with silverclay means molding an alloy made out of silver and clay, after which you burn it, the clay disappears and you are left with the almost pure silver piece of jewellery. Apparently the percentage of silver that is left is even more allergy friendly than the .925 silver that is used in silversmithing. So there are pros and cons for working with either of the two techniques.

imageThis is the first time I worked in a real workshop. Normally while beading it’s just me and my little workbox in front of me on the couch, so it was a little dawnting and exciting to try out the real deal (evem though in the beginning I was just playing around with playdough). But it really helped to try out some alternatives in playdough before deciding on the best idea to transpose into silverclay.

imageThese are a couple of examples of what came out. The formation that includes the little teddy bear are my works of art 🐻


And this is what the little teddy bear turned out like after burning and polishing. I paired it up with another silver flower that I made, to match the bear’s flower heart and a pearl on the other side. This is me in a nutshell, at least the way I see myself. Somewhere inbetween 6 years old when I enjoyed teddy  bears, and 60 years old as I feel sometimes, and then the pearl says it all.


What do you say? Pretty?


While waiting for the clay to dry, our teacher showed us some of her creations, to exemplify what else can be done with silverclay. It’s quite amazing the range of creativity that it can lead to. My favorites where the lava beads wrapped in silver above.


Well, I’m a pretty happy and tired camper now.

How about you, did you ever try this out? Or have I made you consider it for the future? Write about it in the comments below.


P.S. I tried this out as a one day course from Folkuniversitet in Stockholm, with Gunilla Westerlund as a teacher. You can check out when is the next time she’s holding this course or similar ones on Folkuniversitet’s site.