20% of sales this March go to victims of the 3/11/11 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami

This March, out of anything we sell, 20% will be donated to charity for the victims of the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami that happened in Japan on 11th March 2011.

For many people in the Western world, this might sound strange. Afterall, that happened quite a while ago, we can barely remember it, there’s other catastrophes to deal with nowadays (what with the refugees and Trump and other such annoying topics). Not to mention that Japan is a big kid, it can take care of its own.


Photo of Fukushima Plant on fire published in Business Insider, March 13,2011

But, just the fact that we can actually remember it, something that happened on the other side of the planet, speaks to its effects. Records say that the number of displaced people that year in Japan were just about as high if not higher than the numbers of refugees from Syria coming into Europe in 2015. About 180,000 of those are still living in temporary housing according to Japan’s Reconstruction Agency. But the sporadic scares and other controversial news from the Fukushima Nuclear Plant is probably what keeps reminding you about it. Yes, it was a massive catastrophe, and it’s not over yet.

Japan is hard at work not only to rebuild, but to heal as well. Here’s one of my favorite songs from my favorite Japanese singer, Gackt, in his Yellow Fried Chickenz phase, singing “Let’s meet again there”. And by “there” he means Tohoku, the place where the video is also shot. A song full of hope for the future.

So why are we, DereDere Jewellery, participating in this donation?

There’s so many things that tie both of us to Japan: whether it be the animes that act as background noise for our beading sessions (Karigami is into Pokemon now…yes, and despite that, she is a full grown woman), or our passion for tiny beads made in Japan and the inspiration we get from Japanese master beaders such as Sonoko Nozue or Hatsumi Oshitani, or the exquisite delights of Japanese cuisine and recently discovered preference for warm sake…. the list goes on forever. But the bottom line is that there would have probably been no DereDere, if not for our friendship built on this common interest. (At the very least, we would not have named our hobby with a Japanese name!)

We’ve both shared many warm moments because of all things Japanese and we’d like to spread them around now.

So help us do this! Your purchase will help someone in need!

Check out what we have on offer on our shop : DereDere Jewellery.

Remember that you can also place custom orders.

If you like a design we have, but maybe you need it in different colors to go with that special dress you have in your drawer, just drop us an email on derederejewellery@gmail.com and we’ll fix something for you. It’s always a pleasure to design jewellery when you know who is going to wear it and where.

For example, this little beauty was only made once, for a customer that was going to the Met Opera in New York. She sent us pictures of the dress she was planning on wearing and said she absolutely needed pearls to go with it.


There are sizes provided on the shop for the things we have in stock. But if you need another size, let us know, we’ll fix it for you at no extra charge. Because we’re a shop with handmade things and that’s how we roll, not by one size fits all.

If you’d like to donate directly to the victims of Tohoku Tsunami, you can do that via these sites:

Japan Society

Global Living

Or how about the Ashinaga Association that helps orphaned children?  This is where you can donate to Ashinaga online.

*that’s so cute!! Ashinaga means “long legs”, so they named it after Daddy Long Legs ^:^ 

We are doing it in collaboration with Privat Japanska, my Japanese teacher. The money will be donated via Shaplaneer, an initiative supported by the Iwate Prefecture, Fukushima.

Stay safe everyone!




Picture by Hikari Kat on Usuario Blog